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From an East Texas Childhood
Photo by Adam Miller

From an East Texas Childhood

A potpourri of songs and tunes from more than fifty years ago, remembered and sung by Sam Hinton

Recorded: 1986

Released by: Sam Hinton

Release Date: 1986

Format: Cassette

Catalog: TEX01

Song List

  1. Frankie and Johnnie
  2. Froggie Went A-Courting
  3. Grandmother Brown
  4. Grieve, Oh Grieve
  5. Four Nights Drunk
  6. The Old Soldier
  7. Tell Old Bill
  8. Mr. Tunstall's Two-Chord Hoedown (harmonica)
  9. Careless Love (harmonica and guitar)
  10. John Henry
  11. I Run the Old Mill
  12. I Ain't Got No Use For Sleep
  13. The Cowboy's Lament
  14. Hog On the Mountain
  15. Cajun Two-Step (button accordion)
  16. I Want to Die Easy When I Die
  17. She Sat on the Hammock
  18. St. James' Infirmary
  19. Crucifixion
  20. Crawdad Song
  21. Come To the Bower
  22. The Man From Yankeeland
  23. The Big Bass Drum
  24. Casey Jones








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