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The Library of Congress Recordings
Photo by Adam Miller

Library of Congress Recordings, The

Recorded: 25 March 1947 on four 16" disks

Released by: Bear Family Records

Release Date: 14 December 1999

Format: CD

Catalog: BCD 16383 AH

Song List

  1. Cindy
  2. Careless love
  3. I just don't want to be rich
  4. Down in the valley
  5. Battle of Bunker Hill
  6. Bombardment of Bristol, Rhode Island
  7. Katy cruel
  8. Groundhog
  9. I've got no use for the women
  10. Streets of Laredo
  11. Grieve, oh grieve
  12. Jim the roper
  13. Night-herding song
  14. Bury me not on the lone prairie
  15. I ride an old paint
  16. Goodbye old paint
  17. Sweet Betsy from pike
  18. St. James infirmary
  19. When we gonna marry
  20. Spanish fandango
  21. I had a little nut tree
  22. Nut brown maiden
  23. Froggie went a-courtin'
  24. Goin' down this road feelin' bad
  25. Skip to my Lou
  26. Portland country jail
  27. Three foolish pigs
  28. The pig got up and slowly walked away
  29. That old-time religion
  30. Sow took the measles
  31. Willie the weeper
  32. Springfield county
  33. Sourwood mountain
  34. Duermete nino
  35. The devil and the farmer's wife (New England)
  36. The devil and the farmer's wife (Minnesota)
  37. Johnny Sands
  38. Mary Hamilton
  39. The brown girl
  40. Old boastun
  41. The two sisters
  42. The crawdad song
  43. Barnyard song
  44. Tell old Bill
  45. Three nights drunk
  46. Streets of Laredo

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