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The Real McCoy
Photo by Adam Miller

Real McCoy, The

Recorded: ?

Released by: Decca

Release Date: 1957

Format: LP

Catalog: DL 8579

Song List

  1. Wren
  2. We Have Brought the Summer In
  3. Fox's Conversation
  4. Little Red Fox
  5. Dancing of Phillip of the Music
  6. Lillibullero
  7. Old Man Rockin' the Cradle
  8. Arthur McBride
  9. Smashing of the Van
  10. Full Little Flask
  11. Real Old Mountain Dew
  12. Son of a Gambolier
  13. Eagle's Whistle (Lullaby)
  14. Ballinderry (Balinderry)
  15. Shepherd's Lamb
  16. Father O'Flynn
  17. Praties They Grow Small
  18. She Said the Same to Me
  19. Paddy on the Railway (Song)
  20. No Irish Need Apply
  21. Drill Ye Tarriers (Drill)
  22. Clancy's Wooden Wedding

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