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Singing Across the Land
Photo by Adam Miller

Singing Across the Land

Recorded: ?

Released by: Decca

Release Date: 1956

Format: LP

Catalog: DL-8108

Cover art by: Sam Hinton, lettering by John Gnagy (Sam's brother-in-law!)

Song List

  1. Brian O'Lynn/O Lynne
  2. Our Goodman
  3. Devil and the Farmer's Wife
  4. Springfield Mountain
  5. Johnny Sands
  6. Jolly Old Roger
  7. Greenland Fishery/Fisheries
  8. Old Joe Clark/Clarke
  9. Groundhog Song
  10. Mountaineer's Courtship
  11. Barnyard Song
  12. Nine Hundred Miles
  13. Frankie and Johnnie
  14. Gambler's Blues
  15. Old Boastun Was Dead (Old Pompey)
  16. Travelling Man Blues
  17. Tell Old Bill
  18. Echo Canyon
  19. Doney Gal
  20. Sierry Petes/Peaks
  21. Night Herding/Herder Song

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