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Family Tree of Folk Songs
Photo by Adam Miller

Family Tree of Folk Songs

Recorded: ?

Released by: Decca

Release Date: 1956

Format: LP

Catalog: DL 8418

Song List

  1. Red Herring (UK)
  2. Herring Song (Ireland)
  3. Old Sow (USA)
  4. Carrion Crow (USA)
  5. Farmer and the Crow (USA)
  6. Shule Aroon (Ireland)
  7. Johnny Has Gone for a Soldier (USA)
  8. Dis Cum Bibble (USA)
  9. Clear the Tracks (UK)
  10. Lowlands (UK)
  11. Lowlands (USA)
  12. Cindy
  13. Jim the Roper
  14. Willie the Weeper
  15. Lonesome Valley
  16. Where O/Oh Where Is Old Elijah
  17. He Never Said a Mumbling Word
  18. Hi Ho Jerum
  19. Piper o' Dundee
  20. Talking Dust Bowl (Blues)

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