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This discography has been painstakingly pieced together from various sources. It should not be considered definitive or without error.

Albums by Sam Hinton

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Master of the Solo Diatonic Harmonica *

Sam Hinton

Library of Congress Recordings, The *

Sam Hinton

Singing Across the Land

Sam Hinton

I'll Sing You a Story *

Sam Hinton

Sam Hinton Sings the Song of Men *

Sam Hinton

Wandering Folk Song, The *

Sam Hinton

Whoever Shall Have Some Peanuts *

Sam Hinton

Real McCoy

Sam Hinton

Family Tree of Folk Songs

Sam Hinton

From an East Texas Childhood *

Sam Hinton

Of Frogs and Dogs and Such *

Sam Hinton

'Tis the Season *


Albums featuring Sam Hinton

Folk Go-Go

Washington Square Memoirs

Good Time Music

Anglo-American Songs and Ballads

Folk Song America, Vol. 1

Newport Folk Festival 1963: The Evening Concerts

Newport Broadside

Cowboy songs

American folk singers and balladeers

How the West was won

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