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I'll Sing You A Story
Photo by Adam Miller

I'll sing you a story (folk ballads for the young)

Recorded: ?

Released by: Folkways Records

Release Date: 1972

Format: LP, cassette, CD

Catalog: FC-7548

Song List

  1. Old Bangum
  2. Bryan O'Lynne
  3. Three Jolly Rogues
  4. Jonathan Smith
  5. The Old Man in the Wood
  6. When You Go a-Courting
  7. Grandmother Brown
  8. The Farmer and the Crow
  9. The Crow Song
  10. Hambone
  11. The Boll Weevil
  12. The Gray Goose
  13. Mary Had a William Goat
  14. Twenty Froggies
  15. When I Was a Little Boy
  16. I Was Born 100,000 Years Ago

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