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The Wandering Folk Song
Photo by Adam Miller

Wandering Folk Song, The

Recorded: ?

Released by: Folkways Records

Release Date: 1966

Format: LP, cassette, CD

Catalog: F-2401

Song List

  1. Butcher/Butcher's Boy
  2. There Is a Tavern in the Town
  3. Grieve, Oh Grieve
  4. Water Is Wide
  5. Happy Land
  6. Intemperance
  7. Happy Land
  8. Lilly Dale
  9. Land of Rest
  10. Oh Ye Mountains High
  11. Oh Freedom
  12. Real Old Mountain Dew
  13. Mountain Dew
  14. Old Grey/Gray Mare
  15. Old Abe Lincoln (Came Out of the Wilderness)
  16. Swimming in the Delaware
  17. In the Wilderness
  18. I Wait Upon the Lord
  19. I Ain't a-Scared of Your Jail
  20. My Jewel, My Joy
  21. Cowboy's Lament (Arkansas)
  22. Lake Chemo
  23. Cowboy's Lament (Texas)
  24. Springfield Mountain
  25. Springfield Mountain
  26. Rattlesnake Mountain
  27. Springfield County
  28. Old Jabo

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